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Our clinic provides skills-based therapy and health care management to empower individuals to achieve wellness. We guide clients as they work to strengthen their family and social relationships, achieve personal goals and lead happy, meaningful lives.

We have an amazing, experienced staff of mental health professionals who are equipped to provide treatment for a wide variety of issues. You can choose from our diverse group of clinicians and meet with whomever you feel most comfortable speaking with.

Call today to discuss how our mental health experts can help on your journey towards happiness, health and well-being. Our experienced and caring clinicians are here to listen without judgement and create a course of treatment that works for you. 

Sometimes we just need someone to listen, HSVS is here for you.


Our Location:

Brooklyn Clinical Services / Chemical Dependency Clinic
66 Boerum Place, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY(718) 522-6011
(718) 422-2291
Accessible by 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, F TRAINS

Boy Experiencing Foster Care Heals and Grows through Art Therapy

With each session, Derrick’s story gradually unfolds, adding chapters as he bravely shares some traumatic life experiences with Caitlin. Derrick has worked through various creative projects that help him understand certain behaviors, such as connecting angry outbursts at school to instability at home.

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Man Starts New Life Following Struggle with Addiction

Luther started a new chapter when he decided to get sober over 8 years ago. Dr. Debra White, a counselor at the HSVS Chemical Dependency Clinic, has been one of the people in his support circle helping him transform his life.

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Chemical Dependence Treatment Program

HSVS’ Outpatient Chemical Dependence Treatment Program (CD) is a comprehensive treatment program designed to empower individuals to stop using mood-altering substances, assume their parental responsibilities, strengthen their family and social relationships, develop a healthy network in their communities, and ultimately achieve long term abstinence from substance abuse. The program connects clients to external agencies to provide further support for their educational and occupational goals.

Staffed with Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC’s), Clinical Social Workers, a Psychiatrist and a Nurse, our program designs an individualized treatment plan for each of our clients, which may include individual and group therapy, drug abstinence monitoring and mental health treatment on site. Our experienced multidisciplinary team uniquely allows us to provide effective and convenient treatment for individuals with dual diagnoses, in a single location.

Ultimately our goal, whether it's in foster care or in mental health services is to reunite families so that they can live together and overcome whatever challenges they were facing before.

Jude Alexandre VP, Integrated Health Services

Whatever the issue, we can help:




LGBTQ-related challenges


Chemical imbalance

Bipolar disorder

Areas of treatment include:

Family counseling

Parenting guidance

Couples counseling

Art therapy

Group therapy

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

DUI/DWI mandated assessments

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