Our Divisions

Equalizing Opportunities

Our mission is to nurture and support children, adults and families in order to expand opportunities and enhance lives. Our four divisions have been set up to provide a wide, flexible range of support for our New York community.

Today, HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services programs can be found in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, reaching over 6,000 New Yorkers each year. By offering a stable home, a safe place to go after-school, a means to graduate college and the skills to achieve physical and mental well-being, our staff and services work to equalize opportunities for those who need it most.

Foster Care &
Preventive Services

HSVS strengthens families in times of crises. We collaborate with parents and provide the tools and skills necessary to build loving, happy family environments in which children and youth thrive.

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Integrated Health Services

HSVS provides skills-based therapy and healthcare management to empower individuals to achieve wellness. We guide those in our care to strengthen their family and social relationships, achieve personal goals and contribute more meaningfully to their communities.

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Residential & Housing Programs

HSVS provides safe homes for those most in need—for as long as necessary.Our clients, given targeted support services and security in a caring and stable living environment, are empowered to overcome the challenges in their lives.

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Youth Development & Community Programs

HSVS encourages our children and youth who participate in our community programs and our youth in foster care to develop positive and constructive relationships, expand their experiences and achieve their dreams.

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Everyone can play a part

We welcome all support, no matter the size or type.

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