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HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services empowers youth, individuals and families to overcome many challenges.

Through hard work and collaboration, we open new doors of opportunity to help our clients achieve healthy, happy lives. By offering a stable home, a safe place to go after-school, a means to graduate college and the skills to achieve physical and mental well-being, HSVS equalizes opportunities for those who need it most.

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Help Children Today

For 150 years, we’ve cared for NYC’s children in foster care – we know that family separation harms kids. You can help today.

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Impact Stories

Every day, HSVS invests in and unleashes human potential with encouraging results. See what happens when HSVS guides the people it supports towards greater independence.

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Our Divisions

Since its founding in 1869, HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services has responded to the needs of the community. With four programmatic divisions, HSVS serves at-risk New Yorkers to overcome personal crises and achieve healthy, happy lives.

Our Current Impact

135 + years of experience
405 dedicated staff members
5400 New Yorkers served
744.3 children placed in healthier home environments

HSVS Locations

A map of New York, showing approximate heartshare locations across the state. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island are indicated. Skip past this map.

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