A Night to Remember!

Our Annual Benefit took place on October 19th at Capitale in lower Manhattan and what a night it was! Thank you to our board, our sponsors, our honorees, our staff—and especially our youth. A true celebration of the work we do and why we do it.

Relive the Evening

New York City is a place of unbelieveable opportunity and wealth. But despite that, many children and families aren’t able to take advantage of it. They aren’t able to look up, take a breath and even contemplate what a brighter future could look like.

For 150 years, HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services has worked to equalize opportunities for those who need it most. We began and continue to exist because the need is local, real and urgent. Join us on our mission.

We subscribe to four key guiding principles,
each focused on driving real, lasting impact:

Unlocking Belief

Belief is a powerful thing. When you have it, you can better evaluate your surroundings and take your own steps to propel yourself forward. Every day we strive to uncover potential, and unlock belief. It’s why we’re here.

Radical Acceptance

Each child and family is different. They come with their own backstory, their unique set of roadblocks, and their individual set of needs. No matter their situation, we accept them.

Authentic Hustle

Our history is rich, but we operate with an eye to the future. There’s much work to be done, and the need is not going to disappear. A dedication to realness, scrappiness, and authenticity drives the entire organization.

Outcome Focused

Data-driven, yet human, we evolve as new evidence appears. Confident in our process, but aware that tracking, iteration and improvement are requirements if we are going to continue to grow and expand our reach across the City.

Organizing Ourselves for Success

Each child and family that comes through our doors has a completely unique set of circumstances. Our four core divisions work seamlessly together to provide the necessary type and shape of support:

Foster Care & Preventive Services
Integrated Health Services
Residential & Housing Programs
Youth Development & Community Programs

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