Residential & Housing Programs

Children’s Community Residences

HSVS’ Children’s Community Residences (CCR) provide short-term residential care and targeted intervention for teenagers whose behavioral and/or emotional needs prevent them from safely residing at home. Trained staff work with our youth and families to identify attainable goals. Staff then work with the youth to build the skills necessary to support a transition home, or to a home-like setting.


Who We Serve

Children and youth ages 13-18 attending school whose behavioral and emotional needs prevent them from safely and productively residing at home.


What We Provide

• Learning how to communicate emotions

• Understanding behavioral “triggers”

• Strengthening relationships to achieve wellness

• Compassionate, skilled professionals

• Family-like atmosphere


For more information on Children’s Community Residences, call (718) 422-2210.

It’s about relating to someone in order to provide them with the strategies and tools that worked successfully in my life. There are always steps to where you want to go, and there’s no reason not to get there.

Allan M. HSVS Counselor, Former supported Housing Resident

Steps to Home Program

The Steps to Home Program offers a therapeutic environment to approximately 60 women and their children while they prepare to transition to permanent housing. Staff will help residents find affordable housing, secure a job, obtain an education, navigate the immigration system and connect to resources that will prevent homelessness in the future.

Arlene and Her Journey to a New Home

Our Steps to Home Program helped Arlene and her grandson Evan find stability through housing.

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Youth Residences

HSVS supports four Healing Homes. Each home provides support for gaining independent living skills. Our young people attend school, participate in community activities, and are part of a family, including several housemates who have also experienced foster care, and dedicated staff that offer personal, academic and career counseling.

Our Youth Reception Center is for youth ages 14-17 entering foster care on Staten Island. These short-term placements will allow us to reach a broader number of youth annually and transform the placement process for teens entering foster care.


Who We Serve:

Young men and women ages 12-21 who are currently in foster care.


What We Provide:

• Independent living skills, including education, employment and financial literacy

• Participation in community activities

• Personal, academic & career counseling

• Permanency planning

• Compassionate, skilled professionals

• Family-like atmosphere