Who We Are

Our commitment is unwavering, and our scope of service continues to grow each day.

Today, HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services has 500 staff members, operating across every borough of the city. We provide a comprehensive and holistic set of programming for both children and family dealing with a range of trauma related to family separation.

6000+ New Yorkers use our services each year (children & families).

116 youth were adopted between 2017-2018, (100% of the adoption target).

95% of new sibling groups have been placed together since 2017.

Our Core Principles

These four key ideas sit at the heart of what we do, driving our approach to service and allowing us to create the most impact possible. We use these principles to guide our decisions and better ourselves. By ensuring that all our actions align with the below, we ensure that we are doing all that we can for the children and families that seek our help.

Unlocking Belief

HSVS is an organization that uncovers potential, thereby unlocking belief. It’s central to the mission. Our staff, partners, and supporters instill in each child and family a steadfast conviction that every person has the strength to overcome life’s hurdles.

Radical Acceptance

Each child and family is different. They come with their own backstory, their unique set of roadblocks, and their individual set of needs. We understand that the human experience can be complex and diverse and messy. Through empathy and openness we will always adapt to the needs of our community.

Authentic Hustle

Our history is rich, but we operate with an eye to the future. There’s much work to be done, and the need is not going to disappear. This translates into efficient, evolving programming, best-in-class talent and passionate, deliberate action. All built around the children and families we serve.

Outcome Focused

As new societal challenges emerge, we adjust our solutions and formulas to address them. We are a data-driven, human agency, evolving as new evidence appears. Confident in our process and programming, but aware that tracking, iteration and improvement are requirements if we are going to continue to grow and expand our reach across the City.

We believe that what we are doing works. It worked for me. And it's a requirement for this job. We are giving people an opportunity. Sometimes people aren’t ready to immediately take it, but we will continue to work with them to provide the support they need.

Eric Williams Director of Residential Youth Group Homes, former Group Home Resident

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