Robert Abel Grant

Robert Abel Grant, Associate Clinic Director, LCAT, ATR-BC, ATCS

Mental Health Clinic

I am an Artist and a Creative Arts Therapist. I have always had a desire to help people so when I found Creative Arts Therapy.  In the years since I have discovered Art Therapy as a student, I have used this process to gain deeper understanding in my work and process.

In my professional capacity of over thirty years I have learned how to use the process to motivate, inspire and to help initiate ideas and provide art therapy to children, adults and families. I have continued to provide supervision to graduate level students to help them define their idea of what Art Therapy is and as professionals whether it is as Art Therapists or Social Workers to help them develop their own sense of professional identity.

As an  Educator through the MPS Art Therapy Program at the School of Visual Arts, I seek to extend the classroom environment beyond that space encouraging individuals to take every moment within the process, no matter how challenging, to learn and grow and apply that understanding in an informed manner with the people with whom they are working to assist them to look at how to conceptualize new solutions and directions to pursue using the creative process. I have used the creative process to help individuals establish a foundation where the art introduced creates a lattice that helps them identify, explore and resolve issues they have.

Specialties: Trauma, Self Esteem, Self-Worth

Issues: Family Relationships, Emotional Connections,

Therapeutic Modality: Individuals, Children, Adults, Families

Therapeutic Philosophy:  Art Therapy, Motivational interviewing, Solution Focused, Strategic and Narrative Therapy approaches.

Language: English