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8 Ways You Can Celebrate National Adoption Month

October 30, 2018

Community, Foster Care & Adoption, HSVS

November is National Adoption Month! Still unsure how you will be celebrating? Here are a few ideas how you can show support.

1. Donate to a local organization! (HSVS *wink wink*)

Donating to a foster care/adoption agency is directly supporting the children who need families. Donating is not necessarily paying for the care of the child, but helping fund the dreams of the child. Not all children are born into loving families and with donations from supporters like you, we are able to help those children learn new skills and achieve their goals.

2. Volunteer to be a mentor to a child aging out of the system.

Mentoring a child aging out of the foster care system can be a great benefit for their future job prospects. Having someone to look up to, to talk to, and to learn from can help them to stay motivated and encourage them to pursue higher education and ambitious careers.

3. Already a parent? Teach your own children about foster care and adoption.

Teaching your own children about foster care and adoptions help them to understand other children who may be going through foster care.

4. Reach out to families who have adopted. Listen to their experiences.

Families are often very open about discussing the foster/adoption process. Many of these stories are very emotional, and learning about a family’s experience will give you new insight into the process works.


5. Go to events in your area hosted by local foster care and adoption agencies.

The events put on by local foster care and adoption agencies celebrate young people and their achievements. Many youth do not have large families or supportive adults around them, so showing up makes them feel valued, appreciated, and loved.

6. Share articles and videos featuring foster care and adoption stories.

Share foster care and adoption stories to raise awareness about the joys and challenges of foster care/adoption. We’ve all cried while watching “Little Girl’s Priceless Reaction To Adoption News” on YouTube. So go ahead, cry, learn about those who have gone through the process.

7. Sign up to receive emails or newsletters from your local adoption agency.

Our newsletters help you stay informed on foster care/adoption news, upcoming events benefitting youth, and how you can help all year long. Sign up on our homepage.

8. Follow The Archibald Project and take a look at how they combat the orphan crisis through storytelling.

The Archibald Project is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about adoption and foster care. Through beautiful storytelling, they help care for orphaned and vulnerable children.