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Woman Adopts Child with Special Medical Needs

January 12, 2017

Impact Stories

“It was one month in and I said to myself, I love this baby,” said Tawannah Jordan, who fostered and will adopt three-year-old Ruben, who is wheelchair bound. Tawannah, who has been a transit worker for the past 25 years and experienced foster care herself, started her relationship with Ruben with weekly visits at St. Mary’s Hospital, where he’s spent most of his young life due to his condition. “He was like an angel,” Tawannah said, as she described spending countless afternoons and holidays by Ruben’s side. Tawannah wouldn’t have been able to foster Ruben without a village of supporters, including HSVS Nurse Cathy Collins, who makes monthly home visits, as well as attends all of Ruben’s medical appointments to ensure he’s on track. “Kathy answers my questions, literally, at 3 a.m.,” Tawannah said. Ruben’s biological mother surrendered her rights because she didn’t have the circle of support to provide Ruben with the medical attention he needed. She knows that Ruben is well loved and stays in touch. In Tawannah’s home, Ruben’s health is stable. He enjoys playing with his toys, watching cartoons and engaging with games on his tablet. He’ll start pre-school at St. Mary’s this year.