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Mother Navigates Son’s Special Health Care Needs

January 12, 2017

Impact Stories

Seventeen year old Yvesa uses a wheelchair and has several chronic medical conditions. For Tanara, medical appointments were a hardship. As a working mom, it felt impossible to keep up with consistent schedule of Yvesa’s many medical appointments. Also, at times, Tanara would have to choose between groceries and taxi fare to bring her wheelchair-bound son to the doctor. HSVS Special Medical Preventive Services helps parents learn how to care for very vulnerable children with multiple medical disabilities or mental health conditions. “My son is connected to additional resources to improve his health and his quality of life,” said Tanara, who now has the help of a Medicaid Service Coordinator to navigate the complexity of Yvesa’s health care routine. Despite all she’s been through, Tanara is grateful for her home, her job and her son, who was hospitalized 8 consecutive months immediately after his birth and continues to live with those conditions. “I’m happy. I have my son and that’s all that matters,” said Tanara.