We rely on support from caring people like you throughout the community to continue assisting children, adults and families in need of our services.

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Become a Member of the Giving Society

The Giving Society is a motivated and determined group of monthly givers fighting for the overlooked children and families of New York City. No matter the amount, by committing to an ongoing donation, you are standing with our mission, our staff and the children we serve.

These aren’t meant to be passive monthly donations. We want our entire community to feel connected, invested, and eager to share. When you join, you can expect:

Stories of Change – The work is incredibly hard, but within the struggles, we find incredible moments of triumph beyond what many of us can even comprehend.

Impact Numbers – One of our core principles revolves around outcomes. We continuously are finding ways to track, iterate and improve our work.

Other Ways to Help – We are always looking for ways to bring our donors and clients together and will update you as volunteer opportunities arise.

Donating to specific initiatives and programs

If you are interested in making a targeted donation, please reach out to Shannon Shaw (shannon.shaw@heartshare.org) and she will provide with the appropriate forms.

Planned Giving

Your gifts can continue with a bequest. When you consider a planned giving opportunity, your gift can provide you with substantial income and estate, as well as tax savings.

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