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“There Is Always a Choice”: American Dream Program Scholar on Finding Success, Despite Experiences with Foster Care

January 12, 2017

Impact Stories

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services American Dream Program Scholar Tyon came into foster care in 2008. In high school, he was a star running back and liked that football gave him ‪stability, a schedule and a ‪‎purpose. Today, he’s the first of his mother’s children to go college. At Monroe College, he’s studying ‪Business Administration. “I’ve been playing football for seven years now and although it’s not a career focus at this point, it taught me so much about what it means to work hard and pull through with a team,” said Tyon, who earned a 3.6 GPA during his last semester at Monroe College.

The business major currently now is taking courses in accounting, human resources, writing and psychology. As a star student, Tyon is already looking forward to the future. “I really do want to work in the business world, particularly as a real estate broker. I am looking forward to finding an internship that can help me get on that path,” Tyon explained.

St. Vincent’s Services has been assisting children in foster care since the late nineteenth century. Following the affiliation in 2014, which produced HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services, the administration continues to honor this extraordinary heritage, nearly 150 years of experience in child welfare, but also has a fresh perspective. “I entered foster care in 2008. I was very young. I’ve been going through this for a long time and it does feel like a different experience. The HSVS team today really engages us by listening to us and offering us the attention that we need. They make us (kids in care) feel that we’re not just here for a placement, but to improve our lives,” said Tyon.

Although Tyon’s been through a lot, he knows that he had to choose success, “Always keep pushing to be better. There is always a choice. Work hard, keep your head in your books and opportunities will present themselves,” he said decisively.

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