Family separation is heartbreaking. You can help right now. Call 718-422-2350 or complete this form.

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services has been specializing in foster care and adoption for nearly 150 years and we know that the removal of children from their families results in trauma. A traumatic event can cause developmental delays for children and have other irreversible effects on physical, cognitive and emotional health.

The act of removal also creates crisis for an already overburdened foster care system. Today, there’s nearly 9,000 children and teens in the City’s foster care system. Foster care is the last resort, not the first viable option. We do everything possible to prevent placement and keep families together.

Here are some ways you can help right now:

Becoming a foster parent is an immediate way to respond to the nearly 9,000 children and teens in the NYC foster care system. HSVS provides training and support to prepare for this process.

Volunteering your time to support children and teens without families is critical. Children and teens who have experienced trauma need strong, permanent bonds to not just survive, but thrive. From offering advice and supporting the development of life skills like cooking and budgeting to inviting a young person for a holiday, there are so many ways you can help.

Mentoring a young adult in foster care can make an extraordinary difference. Your academic and professional expertise can help a young person graduate college, find an internship and land their first job leading to independent adulthood.

Working for HeartShare St. Vincent’s means being a part of the expansive team helping children and teens avoid homelessness, school dropout and involvement in the juvenile justice system. Social workers, case workers, therapists, counselors and more are just a few of the opportunities available.

Donating to HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services means supporting our programs, including, but not limited to foster care and adoption services, mental health services, as well as youth development and residential programs.

Educating yourself and others about trauma-informed practices is not only transformational in the child welfare system, but in how our society institutionalizes and penalizes oppressed, marginalized communities in New York and beyond.

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