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Alani Finds Forever Home with Safiya

November 2, 2017

Impact Stories

Safiya wanted to become a mother. She attended trainings at HSVS. Then, she prepared a nursery and waited. When Safiya first held her baby, Alani opened her eyes and smiled. “And she hasn’t stopped smiling since.” Ultimately, Alani was freed for adoption and permanently became Safiya’s baby girl. Four months later, Safiya was pregnant with twins. “I don’t know what aligned in the universe after Alani came into my home, but now, I have the daughter I always wanted and my beautiful boys. I can’t believe it,” said Safiya with a huge smile. This fall, Alani started pre-school. Safiya has high hopes for her daughter. “Alani’s headed straight to the honors class,” she said, gleaming with maternal pride.