Impact Story

Man Starts New Life Following Struggle with Addiction

Luther started a new chapter in his life when he decided to get sober over 8 years ago. Luther said he was not accustomed to talking openly about things, but doing so with the right people made all the difference.

Dr. Debra White, a counselor at the HSVS Chemical Dependency Clinic, is one of those people in his support circle. They continue to work together even though Luther already successfully completed the program last year. Time management, strengthening relationships or cultivating positive thoughts are among the many topics on the table for discussion.

Luther currently studies and works full time. On a typical day, Luther attends class at LaGuardia Community College, then works the night shift at a men’s shelter helping New York’s homeless. Luther’s life experiences with addiction equip him with the best advice he can offer to those still struggling. “I went through what I did for a reason and now, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” said Luther.