HSVS Welcomes New Member To Its Board

HSVS is thrilled to announce a new (familiar) face joining our already incredible lineup of board of directors.

Our board members are an essential part of our community who share their expertise and compassion to improve the lives of New York children, adults, and families within our care.

Most recently, our newest member was honored at our 2023 HSVS Benefit as the recipient of the Fred and Nancy DeMatteis Award alongside her husband, John Foley, and delivered an incredibly moving speech. You can read our honoree interview with Jill HERE.

Now, please join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest member of the HSVS family

Jill Foley

To begin her career, Jill Foley served as an attorney for the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). After 4 years with ACS, Jill moved over to Sanctuary for Families, where she advocated for domestic violence victims in their children’s services cases. Jill’s passion for justice and her ability to connect with mothers and children who face the hardships that come with poverty made her an effective and respected figure in her field. However, life took an unexpected turn, and in 2013, Jill joined the Peleton Interactive team and built their apparel business from soup to nuts. There she created a team that operated a vertically integrated apparel business from production to marketing, to logistics to customer service. With the same determination and dedication she brought to the courtroom, Jill built an apparel business that was sold internationally and saw gross sales of over $100M. Jill is honored to be part of the HearShare St. Vincent’s board because she feels HSVS is the best organization in NYC serving underserved communities, and she is inspired by the work HSVS does.

Welcome aboard again, Jill. You can meet the entire HSVS Board of Directors and Leadership team HERE.