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HeartShare St. Vincent’s Awarded Pinkerton Foundation Grant for Youth

July 31, 2017

In The Media

(Brooklyn, NY)—HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services is one of 8 foster care agencies receiving a portion of a nearly $1 million grant from The Pinkerton Foundation for the support of older youth in foster care.

At HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services (HSVS), the grant will support approximately 25 older youth in care ranging from 16 to 21. In particular, the grant will help young men and women experience a smooth transition to the world of work through supported internships at the agency. The Pinkerton Foundation, alongside the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), Workforce Professionals Institute, the Youth Development Institute, New Ways to Work, and Youth Communication, will equip youth with the tools and skills to thrive in these internship opportunities.

The Pinkerton Foundation is a prestigious independent grant-making organization aiming to help young people reach their full potential, including programs for academic development, career readiness and cultural enrichment. The Foundation also aims to support those who have experiences with the criminal justice or foster care systems.

“HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services is thrilled that our young people will have the opportunity to grow and learn in this supported internship model,” said HSVS Executive Director Dawn Saffayeh. HSVS connects nearly 1,000 children and youth to safe, loving homes through its foster care and adoption programs every year, but also has innovated programming to help older youth attain greater independence as they face aging out of the system.

The agency’s American Dream Program, for example, offers a tuition scholarship for college or vocational school, internship, job and career guidance, as well as emotional support. Its Preparing Youth for Adulthood (PYA) Program is a series of workshops opening up dialogue on budgeting and personal responsibility, healthy romantic and sexual relationships, and experiences with systemic racism.

HSVS also is the first agency in New York City to implement Intensive Permanency Services, which will help youth heal from past trauma, in order to help them to develop healthy relationships for greater wellbeing and security.

“Our team is looking forward to utilizing this grant to further strengthen our Youth Development offerings to our young men and women,” said Saffayeh. “We can now reach more youth and strengthen our pipeline to career level jobs that our young people are passionate about.”

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