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Family Creates Art to Tackle Grief and Move Forward

January 12, 2017

Impact Stories

Roy and his daughters, Julianna, 16, and Christina, 13, experienced an overwhelming personal loss in their family. When they first started attending counseling sessions at Bensonhurst Family Services, Roy, Julianna and Christina found it difficult to express how this loss deeply affected their lives. During art therapy sessions, Case Planner and Art Therapist Katie Hinson encouraged Roy, Julianna and Christina to create drawings, paintings and face masks in order to facilitate a discussion about their loss. As they created their artwork, Roy, Julianna and Christina opened up to one another.

The family spoke about their feelings, their identity as a family and their future goals. Through art therapy, Roy and his daughters have witnessed a positive change. Now, when they are facing difficult moments, they have many different skills and strategies for coping with their challenges. In turn, Roy, Julianna and Christina have become closer as a family. “We work together as a team,” said Julianna.