Rachel Madary

Rachel Madary, Mental Health Clinician, LMSW 

Mental Health Clinic

HI, my name is Rachel. I received my LMSW in February of 2021 and have been providing therapy sessions for children and their families since April 2021. I am a down to earth therapist who works to bring laughter and creativity into all my sessions.

In my practice there is an emphasis on improving my clients’ communication skills to process trauma and address behavioral concerns. I have extensive experience collaborating with family members and care teams as well as providing family therapy sessions.

Specialties: conduct disorder, adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression, and trauma

Issues: aggressive/assaultive behaviors, panic attacks, separation from caregivers, emotion regulation concerns/tantrums, self-harm, suicidal ideation, interpersonal violent relationships

Therapeutic Modality: Children and Families

Therapeutic Philosophy: TB-CBT and Motivational interviewing

Language: English