Adolfo Lewis

Adolfo Lewis, Mental Health Clinician, LMSW 

Mental Health Clinic

I am a spirit on a journey towards fulfilling my own life potential.  My role, as who am I regarding a Social Worker with HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services, is that I am endeavoring, humbly and earnestly to make efforts towards assisting others in need of assistance to realize their own inner potential.

My primary goal as a therapist is to assist those, I encounter to initiate their own healing process, and realize their individual potential, to build coping skills, to transcend obstacles and face life challenges.

The underpinnings (focus) of my Social Work practice. as I perceive the practice, is to assist those I encounter towards self-acceptance, realizing / recognizing their own their inner potential towards change (self-efficacy / empowerment)

My Social Work professional experience consists of using an eclectic approach towards engaging with clients, which depends on what challenges they are confronted with, and who they are as a person / individual.

I believe in providing goal-directed treatment. This means that a treatment goal or several goals are established after an initial assessment. All treatment is then planned with the goal in mind and progress is made toward accomplishment of that goal in a time-efficient manner, with a primary focus on Client Centered Therapy.

Specialties: Client centered therapy: Self -efficacy

Issues: Depression, Anxiety, trauma, empowerment, confidence building

Therapeutic Modality: Individual, Family

Therapeutic Philosophy: Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, Client Centered, Multicultural therapy

Language: English