2023 Annual Benefit

2023 Fred and Nancy DeMatteis Award

Jill and John Foley

This year we are so excited to be presenting the Fred and Nancy DeMatteis Award to Jill and John Foley.

John is the successful entrepreneurial half of the duo, while Jill has dedicated much of her legal career as a public servant. But both share a generosity of spirit and a passion for philanthropy, particularly in serving NYC’s disenfranchised families and children.

John created and co-founded Peloton Interactive and served as its CEO until 2022. Peloton revolutionized fitness and brought health and wellness to millions of people. He built the brand, not only to help people get healthy and lose weight, but to create a community where people could also become mentally strong together. Self-love and mental wellness have always sat at the core of Peloton’s mission. From the beginning John wanted to create a platform for people to discover the best versions of themselves through the power of sweat. He is now onto his next entrepreneurial venture: Ernesta.

Jill Foley shares John’s passion for physical health and mental wellness—and joined him in building out the Peloton brand. Prior to that career shift, Jill was an attorney for ACS and Sanctuary for Families. She was a dedicated public servant, speaking up and fighting for NYC’s overlooked children. This experience and passion then connected her to HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services. She has been involved with the organization and youth in care for the past few years.

John and Jill live in New York City and are devoted parents to their children Quinn and Mae.

2023 Rising Star Award

Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint, Peloton Instructor and Puma Athlete, is a titan of the fitness community sitting at the intersection of fitness, tech, music, sports, and entertainment.

A hybrid of high-performance athlete and motivational coach, Alex is widely respected for his authenticity and positivity.

Off the bike, Alex is committed to having a positive impact in his community. In 2020, Alex founded the Do Better Foundation whose mission is to democratize wellness by increasing access to wellness resources.

Alex continues to build his platform to inspire and empower others.

As Alex always says, “Feel Good, Look Good, Do Better.”

2023 Youth of The Year

Shyanne Shepherd

This year, we are excited to present the Youth of the Year Award to Shyanne Shepherd. We sat down with Shyanne to discuss her journey so far and where she sees herself climbing in the future.

How important is the practice of self-care, and what does that practice look like to you?

Shyanne: It’s about removing negativity from your life. Finding your peace. When you’re at peace, you feel mentally and physically there.

How do you hope to give back to youth in similar situations as you?

Shyanne: I’d love to create a safe place for youth. Like a haven where they can speak and express themselves. Without having to feel judged or having to feel like somebody is looking down on you. A place where they can hear and learn from others in their circle. Be able to see that they’re not the only ones going through it. They can learn how to overcome their situation.

CLICK HERE to read Shyanne’s Interview in full.

About The Awards


The Fred and Nancy DeMatteis Award is presented to a person(s) whose work and personal efforts reflect the spirit and legacy of the DeMatteis Family, creating a better world for those less fortunate and in need of support.   

The Rising Star Award is presented to a person(s) who embodies the spirit and work of the HSVS Junior Board and serves as an ambassador of change for our City’s most vulnerable children, families and individuals. 

The Youth of the Year Award is presented to a youth for their outstanding achievements and for exemplifying the values and principles of
HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services.