Farah Herbert, MD

Farah Herbert, MD, Membership, Co-Chair

Committee Officers, Junior Board

Farah Herbert is a founding member of the HSVS Junior Board and is a Co-Chair of the membership committee. Farah decided to join the Junior Board after a close family friend who works with HSVS, and has been an inspiration and support to her family, refused thanks for everything she has done, but requested that she pass the gifts on by helping to form the Junior Board. Farah is a psychiatrist at a large urban hospital with an underserved population with limited resources and has seen firsthand the effects of a lack of community and support in people’s lives. By participating in HSVS through special events to mentor and encourage the youth and families as well as participating in fundraising activities to provide support and resources for enrichment activities, she is committed to helping a vulnerable population of young people develop the resilience and confidence to excel. Farah received her medical training from Emory University in Atlanta, where she also mentored and participated in educational programs for young people aimed at increasing interest in academic advancement in the sciences.