About Us

Our Mission

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services (HSVS) has a mission to nurture and support, with dignity and respect, children, adults and families in order to expand opportunities and enhance lives.

Our Vision

Our commitment to excellent services and supports will enable children, adults and families to reach their fullest potential and lead meaningful lives as active participants in society.

Our Key Commitments

  • Making sure that every child we serve is in a safe environment, where they have a loving connection with a caretaker, and access to the social, emotional, and educational support they need to meet their development milestones.
  • Empowering and engaging parents through the delivery of a comprehensive set of services and support that help them get their children home as safely and quickly as possible, or keep their children home safely.
  • Delivering services to individuals, children and families that have been proven to change lives for the better, and are flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual and his or her unique circumstances.
  • Helping youth find and follow their own path to transition into adulthood, become self-sufficient, and achieve their dreams.
  • Ensuring staff have the tools and supports they need to achieve the vision of the agency and thrive, both personally and professionally, in an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and enriching.
  • Celebrating success in all forms and across all aspects of our agency, and encouraging our staff and the individuals we serve to do so in concert with us.